Cyclo-phone is a bicycle powered music machine.

Users play music by pedaling a stationary bicycle connected to the instrument. Different rhythms can be achieved by pedaling at different speeds.

The instrument consists of a rubber flap attached to a bicycle rim slapping on 8 PVC pipes that are held together in a radial configuration by a plastic stock tank. Each pipe is cut at a different length to produce different tones. The installation was designed and fabricated with off-the-shelf materials.

The Cyclo-phone was created by Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente for Summer Streets 2012 presented by the New York City’s Department of Transportation.The installation was active during the month of August at Astor place in Manhattan.

To see and hear the cyclo-phone click here:

Special Thanks to:

Emily Colasacco
Butch Kemp
Pepa Martinez
Sofia Koutsenko
George Sir Havoc
Neil Nisbet
Carlos Ayres

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